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A world class plug-and-play microgrid platform at SolarTAC for testing generation technologies, battery technologies, inverters, balance system components, and control systems.


The GridNXT Microgrid Platform

Offers a variety of solar, wind, diesel (as well as AC and DC generation sources) plus inverters, programmable load banks, single and three phase distribution connections, and system communications. Companies can integrate their individual equipment and devices with the microgrid or any specific microgrid components at multiple points using GridNXT-provided pads and switchgear. GridNXT is also designed to facilitate testing and demonstration of advanced grid management systems and has dedicated space available for testing complete microgrid systems (with custom programmed load scenarios).

GridNXT at SolarTAC. Located minutes from Denver International Airport. In addition to its geographic accessibility, the GridNXT business structure offers exceptional accessibility regarding site user entry, simple and flexible user terms, and quick equipment installation. Technology companies and renewable energy developers can access the GridNXT facilities for several months or several years depending on their testing needs and objectives. On-site technical support and O&M services are also available.


What is GridNXT?

GridNXT is a microgrid-based, plug-and-play user platform at SolarTAC for interconnecting and testing new battery technologies, advanced inverters, component interoperability, and grid management systems.

A new $1.5 million infrastructure addition to the Solar Technology Acceleration Center (SolarTAC), the nation’s largest public-private outdoor solar testing and demonstration facility. Designed to meet the challenge of integrating increased renewable energy resources, GridNXT provides a flexible, easily accessible, and lower-cost test bed allowing technology providers to validate power system components in a plug-and-play mode for proprietary or collaborative testing.

Grey Snow Green Energy, LLC

Grey Snow Green Energy owned and operated by Grey Snow Management Solutions.

Key Microgrid Components
Available to Participants

– 235 kW solar arrays (3-4 seperate arrays)
– 100 kW DC-power supply solar energy simulator (up to 2000 V)
– 100 kW wind energy simulator
– 500 kW diesel generator
– 500 kVA programmable load bank
– Communications/control shed w/system management and data software
– Equipment pads and switchgear
– Multiple device connection capability
– 4, 60 kW each pre-installed inverters
– 40 kW Coda battery

Grey Snow Green Energy
owned and operated by
Grey Snow Management Solutions.
Grey Snow Green Energy


Thank You To Our Participants

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Your Participation is Welcomed

The GridNXT facility at SolarTAC is now available for your company or institution’s participation. Fees for use of the facility are economical, with a number of participation options and testing durations available to meet your test program needs. The SolarTAC Board of Directors, Grey Snow Green Energy, and the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade invite your interest and inquiries regarding participation details.